Insight builds power tong decks to any size of truck with tandem and single stage hydraulic system that will spin any size of hydraulic power tong.


Our winch tractors are the most user friendly
and durable units in the industry.
You have several winch models to choose from and
they range from 20 to 100 ton of pull rating.
We build both tandem and tri-axle configurations
as well as Texas Riggings and bed trucks.

Our Laydown machines are a versatile safe
and one of the quickest ways to handle almost any size of casing.
They can be mounted on a truck, trailer or skid mounted,
as well we can tandem your pipehandling capabilities
with a hydraulic system to operate a power tong with the same unit.
Insight Manufacturing INC is a leader in building and commissioning
Pickup and Laydown machines anywhere on the globe.


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